What is UCL?

Text and illustrations on this page originally appeared in the book Elegant Empowerment by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, David P. Lapierre. I am using them with permission from Platinum Publishing House and Energy Extension Inc.

 You can find more detailed information about this book on www.elegantempowerment.com


Peggy Phoenix Dubro originated and developed the information about the UCL, please, access more detailed information in our international site www.emfworldwide.com


 "Universal Calibration Lattice®" is a system in a human energy anatomy. The UCL creates a personal resonance with the Cosmic Lattice to fully empower your co-creative process.

As you look at the illustration 1 of the UCL you will observe the horizontal fibers forming figure eight patterns, self-balancing loops that connect the chakras to the long information fibers and carry information between.


Illustration 1

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Illustration 2 shows some of the long, vertical information fibers of light/energy that surround the individual. The long fibers behind us contain information about our history, those on either side if us process the information energy we give to and receive from a world, and the long fibers in front contain information relating to our potential or future.


The illustration also shows the core energy that radiates vertically through the center of the body. This core energy represents the present, the now. The top of the column of core energy is the Center Above, located about 24 inches above the crown of the head. This is where the body energy field connects with the higher energies of self. The Center Below, located 24 inches (60 cm) beneath the feet, connects the individual's energy field with the energy of the Earth. Each component of the UCL performs a specific function, and we will look into that next.


Perhaps the UCL always existed, and we just didn't have vibrational access to it. Now, because of the recent energy changes of the planet and our evolution of consciousness, it has become available to us. Peggy Dubro personal experience of "watching" the Universal Calibration Lattice form and begin to activate in the human energy field leads her to believe it was not always there. Nevertheless, it is now a system within human energy field. Many of you are already aware that we are more than just our physical bodies. We are also composed of several ethereal bodies. The Universal Calibration Lattice® permeates all of our bodies in all dimensions. This seeming infinite system of light and energy fibers is the sum total of the entire electromagnetic energy field that holds our various energy bodies, our crystalline memory structure and our DNA encoding. Ultimately all these together form a singular “body”.


Illustration 2



The UCL is still evolving. Recently, twelve more strands have become activated.

Shown in illustration # 3 top view of another four groups of long fibers which are closer to the Core energy, and there are between Prisms of longs fibers we balance and harmonize in phases I-IV.


In illustration #3, a familiar pattern emerges when an outline is drawn around each of the four groups. Variations of this pattern have been depicted throughout human history. This pattern exists above our heads and beneath our feet. Connect them and you have the framework of the Universal Calibration Lattice!


 When we work with intent and energy exercises, UCL will continue to form. As we exercise and strengthen it, we increase our capacity to hold new energy and to manifest our multidimensional selves completely.