My heart too is singing a song that will never end!  This EMF balancing has allowed a tremendous shift in my consciousness.  Session IV also moved me to tears.  It was overwhelming.  I experienced for the first time a complete release of all that was before and every molecule of my Being was flooded with…(Love?) there is no other word that could even come close.  I had the experience of complete Oneness with the universe…that I AM the universe and the universe is me, there is no beginning or end.  I AM the expression of Love, God, the Universe…(whatever you want to call it) on this plane.  I felt lifted up and humbled all at the same time.  I experienced all these feelings instantaneously.  Thank you for Being the messenger!

Cassie Walters

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how things are going.  Something must have worked because I feel good and things are coming through me and I seem to be more outspoken and saying and doing things that I wouldn't have done in the past.  A few days afterwards I felt a little pain in my kidneys, not bad, just when I took a deep breath, I could feel it and I remembered you saying my kidneys were blocked.   Just little things or changes, but I've been very conscious of them. This is great though. Thanks!

Susan Ingram

This letter is regarding an advanced EMF practitioner, Tatiana Blishenko.  I had an honor of having all available EMF processes with her.  I have experienced direct-contact sessions and my husband, being away in the military, has received four sessions in a distance.  Both types of sessions gave us immediate and miraculous results. 

During my sessions I felt different sensations in my body; and I would see my hidden traumatic memories, which were being worked on.  Inevitably, the energy was moved during the session; and a powerful release and transformation on many levels would follow afterwards.   Not only inner layers of blockage were moved and released, but also every session would bring feeling of peace and physical, mental and spiritual well-being, because the energy was cleared, balanced and harmonized. 

As I have already mentioned, my husband had to receive Tatiana’s work in a distance.  The results were astonishing.  At that time he was in a boot camp having had intense physical challenges.  He developed two small fractions:  One was in his knee, and the other was in his ankle.  For a few days he could hardly walk and had to refrain from his military training.   We were afraid that he would not be able to graduate on time. 

Tatiana sent my husband affirmations and asked his permission to work on him.  During the four sessions of Tatiana’s work and my husband’s cooperation, his knees were cleared from past lives’ blockage, his energy was balanced and aligned with his higher purpose, and his fears of success -- which consciously, he was not even aware of – were released.  As a result, he was able to run his required miles again and happily graduated with his division.  We all were elated.

Moreover, during the last session, when my husband’s immediate future seemed gloomy, Tania saw his image in a white uniform, celebrating.  She informed us that he was going to graduate.  At that time this sounded unbelievable.  Fortunately, Tania’s prognosis came true. 

I personally know Tatiana for many years, and I have observed her personal and professional growth.  The words “honest, sincere and ethical” come to mind when thinking about Tania’s spiritual search for truth and her work with her clients. 

Both my husband and I truly believe that Tatiana’s EMF sessions were a blessing for us.   Without any hesitation, we highly recommend her to anyone who wants to experience the miracle of EMF sessions combined with Tatiana’s powerful personal touch.  Thank you, Tatiana.  


Irina Baker, M.A.

Rohun Master, Inner Child Rescue Facilitator and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.