EMF Balancing Technique® Templates Resonance and Templates of Light


Everyone has their own sacred templates of light and energy. In seeking to know ourselves, we begin to activate or give life to these templates, causing them to vibrate in a unique way. These templates hold the key to unlocking or communicating interdimensionally in the quest to achieve our unique purpose in life. They are also the way each of us holds and communicates our piece of the greater cosmic puzzle to ourselves and to others. This is all accomplished through the phenomenon of resonance. The templates are like tuning forks, and we all affect one another with our resonance. There are very specific templates within each individual that hold the key to greater knowledge in the form of access to higher dimensional templates. It is up to each individual to discover and activate their sacred templates. The EMF teacher passes on the resonance of the EMF Balancing Technique® templates, but cannot tell anyone what knowledge their templates will open to them.

Peggy's experience of receiving the energy templates of the technique was to "become" them, energetically. They are three-dimensional, diamond shaped patterns of light and energy. They look like two square-based pyramids joined at the base, which form an eight-sided geometric shape known as an octahedron. These templates hold a resonance specific to the EMF Balancing Technique®. This resonance can be transmitted or transferred by a trained teacher of the technique, and this is done in a very specific way, so that when a student learns the technique, they begin to resonate with the templates. This resonance with the work allows the student to learn the technique quickly. The resonance thus transferred to the new practitioner helps to awaken, or clarify, the information within the UCL of each individual receiving an EMF session from a trained EMF practitioner. Each template is associated with a particular phase of the technique.