Phases V-VIII. Description

"From the Infinite within me to the Infinite within you let us begin"...
~Peggy Phoenix Dubro

The first four phases of the EMF Balancing Technique® created an energetic foundation to support your ability to “co-create the most enlightened life you can”. The focus of Phases V-VIII is the Practice of Mastery in everyday life.  These phases strengthen the energetic patterns of mastery and lead to a fuller expression of the attributes of mastery you already carry within you. 


Each time a session is offered, it is as unique as a fingerprint …

Before the start of each Phase V-VIII session, the EMF practitioner takes a few minutes for a pictorial review,  presenting to the client illustrations of the Universal Calibration Lattice® , the energetic templates of Phases I-IV, and then introducing the energetic templates of Phases V-VIII.

Phase V Template of Infinite Love
The Phase
V template encompasses an area that includes the Heart Center, High Heart Center, the throat, all the small energy vortices around the mouth, and the center on the tip of the nose.

VI Templates of Infinite Compassion
There are two separate templates in Phase VI, one for each hand. The area that each template encompasses includes the energy center in the middle of the hand and all the small energy vortices throughout the fingers.

VII Templates of Infinite Presence
There are two separate templates in Phase VII, one for each foot. The area that each template encompasses includes the major energy center on the top and bottom of the foot, and all the small energy vortices on the soles of the feet and around the toes.

VIII Template of Infinite Wisdom
The Phase VIII Template encompasses all the points of light contained within the brain, and all of the energy vortices associated with the Crown Center. The energy and color of all the templates in Phases V-VIII is platinum, signifying a catalytic element that contributes to the accelerated resonance of the Crown Center.


“From the Infinite within me, to the infinite within you, let us begin”

Each Phase V-VIII session begins with the client sitting in a chair. The EMF practitioner asks the client to close their eyes, relax and take a deep breath, and then gently issues an invitation to begin the session. After an opening statement, the EMF practitioner poses three simple questions for a few moments of silent contemplation and reflection. Next, the client views a series of beautifully illustrated “Practice Mastery” cards, depicting 11of the 44 attributes of mastery contained in the “Practice Mastery” card deck, plus an additional card that can represent any attribute of mastery.

The client then chooses the attributes of mastery they would like to practice and strengthen (for example – patience, joyfulness, harmony, unconditional love … ) within themselves at the current time in their life. After the selection of the attributes, the client lays on the table to receive the rest of the session.

The movements performed by the practitioner during this part of the session are determined by the attributes chosen by the client, and the order in which they are placed by the practitioner, making each session completely unique.

At the completion of the session, the client receives a journal page and a record of the session to take with them. The journal also contains questions for the client to think about as they begin to strengthen their practice of mastery in everyday life.