Phases I-IV. Description

Templates of Light

Phase I:  to balance the wisdom and the emotions (the mind and the heart).  This first pattern results in stress reduction and a sense of freedom and well-being.  It is helpful, in the new energy, to contemplate what it may mean to think with the heart and feel with the mind.  Learn to work with fibers of light and energy, which compose a layer of the energy anatomy that interrelates with the chakra system.  Balancing the wisdom and emotions is important.  By wisdom, I am referring to mental qualities of reasoning, organizing and understanding.


Phase II:  to focus on Self-direction and support.  Here, we may gracefully and gently release emotional issues stored within our history without having to relive the painful events that gave rise to them.  Our intent is to transform our history into a column of golden wisdom and support, a column of core energy that centers us in the now.  This golden column supports the energetic posture of Self-enablement.  No more negative energy anchors from our past to hold us back!  The question is "How can I connect to the whole more efficiently?"  This is why understanding the fibers, which I see as geometrically patterned discs of light containing information - hereditary, genetic, past-life, present life is important.  Every minute detail is recorded.  Kryon (8th May 1999) talked of the magnetic sheath to our DNA, which he said that scientists would not be able to find until they realize that there is "something missing".  These are the magnetic codes of Creator.


Phase III: to intensify the core energy.  This allows us to radiate the light we hold.  Platinum energy is introduced, and a union takes place within the energy anatomy as the chakras align with the core energy.  This alignment is necessary as we take a greater responsibility in the Universal scheme of things.  Here we express our spiritual intelligence and experience peace, and the remembrance of I AM that I AM.


Phase IV: to focus on energetic accomplishment.  We have a potential, to which we often refer as our future.  In this Phase, we learn how to choose to tune specific energy receptors and transmitters within the UCL for the purpose of co-creating our lives with Spirit.  We calibrate this part of the Lattice so that we may joyfully co-create our potential together.  What a privilege it is to be in partnership with Creator!

In all the Phases, the pattern is followed in the same way it was originally received from Spirit, but the calibration is always in accord with each person's innate wisdom.  Everyone is unique, so the results are always interesting and individual.  I am still amazed at how personal the Universe is with each of us!  The Cosmic Lattice is an intricate part of all of us, and we are all connected.  Thus, Kryon calls us Family-all.