Radiating Core Energy (Exercise)

Center Below, Center Above

I radiate my Core Energy

And I express my gratitude throughout every Fiber of my Being.


You consciously use UCL (Universal Calibration Lattice - picture below)


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Practice before going to sleep; breath deeply, sense, feel, imagine or think about the column of light and energy going through the Center of your body (Core Energy). Connect to Center below -see it as a ball of energy (24”- 60 cm below your feet), draw the energy up and connect to Center Above (24”- 60 cm above your head). Do it several times, and start to blow the energy from this column to all directions like ball surrounding your body (“I radiate my Core Energy”). Say it aloud to make it stronger. “ And I express my gratitude throughout every fiber of my being”.

This is a very strong and profound energetic posture. State your questions, worries; answers will come much faster and clear, instantly or later. Talk to yourself in plain language.

After you practiced several times, it can be used in any emergency situation, just think instantly about this exercise and see what is happening.

Practice is a key and deep breathing too!

Examples from my practice

1. I am in hurry, can’t find my car key. Where is it?

2. I can not communicate to this upset person. I ask for clear communication.

3. I am feeling sick, I have to heal myself fast right now, I wish to know how.


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