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Tatiana Blishenko

Accredited Practitioner Phases I-IV

Master in Practice Phases V-VIII

Emerging Evolutionary Phases IX-XIII

EMF Balancing Technique®


I completed my training with Peggy Phoenix Dubro, founder of the EMF Balancing Technique®, in January 2000 (Advanced Practitioner, Phases I-IV) and in April 2004 (Master in Practice, Phases V-VIII), in June 2008 (Phases IX-XII), in June 2009 Phase XIII. Completed Accreditation Program in the spring 2006 with a Teacher John Detillier. I am very passionate about EMF Balancing Technique that helps facilitate changes in people’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.


It is an honor for me to give every EMF Balancing Technique® session. Sacredness and love fill my heart when I see the transformation, growth and empowerment happening in my clients’ lives as well as in my own.


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